FURNITURE PICKUP & DELIVERY: Free to our friends and neighbors in the Conway, Belle Isle, Pinecastle, Edgewood, Dover Shores, and Downtown areas.

FURNITURE REFINISHING: We chemically strip the old finish. Next we wash the item to remove any stripper residue, so there will be no chemical reaction with the new finish. Then we do the surface preparation, which may include sanding, repair work, bleaching, or whatever the particular item needs. Then we stain the piece to match the customer’s desired outcome. Then we spray the top coats and always buff in between each coat. We are particularly good in mixing and matching stains to bring out the color the customer desires.

CHAIR RECANING: We specialize in hand cane, press cane, split reed, and rush chair seats. You can email a picture of what you need done and get a quote on the phone or an email reply.

FURNITURE REPAIRS: We do all the types of repairs on wood furniture. Most common repairs include regluing chairs, turning spindles, reveneering table tops or cedar chests, and replacing missing or broken parts. We even do carving.

FURNITURE PAINTING: We are one of the few shops that will remove old paint and repaint your wood or iron furniture.

FURNITURE STRIPPING: Some customers prefer to have us just remove the old finish or paint from their furniture and then apply the new finish themselves.